Fatih Emir Kesikci

Fatih Emir Kesikci


Areas of Interest: Data Analysis, Agile Business Development, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Applications

Fatih Emir Kesikci graduated from Istanbul University with a third degree in geophysical engineering. During his undergraduate studies, he produced various projects on data analysis and quantitative analysis. Emir, who has a multidisciplinary structure, started his career in Defia Software and Technology Engineering as a project engineer. Although he has been working for two years, he has gained experience in business development in project engineer, system analyst and project management. In order to comprehend the dynamism of innovative structures along with his working life, he continued and completed his master's degree in Engineering Management at Galatasaray University Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Within the scope of the graduation project in this field, "Implementation Of Agile Principles On Uncertainty Status In Project Management" thesis project has been completely. Emir continues his studies with artificial intelligence applications, business development and analysis of the relationship between digital systems and society. On the other hand, human being, produce ideas about solutions to chaotic situations in technology and society.

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