"During the Agile teamwork, I've experienced how team members from different fields of expertise, can use this expertise together for a common goal."

Turkey’s most popular high discount supermarket chain A101 has upset the balance of the sector with its fast-rising graphic since 2008. After our services of Crisis Management, Strategy Development, Social Media and Community Management, we have recently operated the Agile Teamwork. We have created a working group with individuals from different disciplines in the field of marketing. We have also contributed to the fastening of decision making and action taking processes. We offered strategic methods for the three major issues which the working group has pointed.


A101 was desiring to act faster and be more agile in some critical marketing issues to be able to reach the strategic business goals faster.


In order to reach the strategic business goals faster, the A team including the A101 managers, a research company, advertising agency and StratejiCo. was formed. In other words, a fast-acting team which consists of members competent in marketing but from different disciplines is formed within the A101’s traditional structure. The business goals and expectations from the team were declared by the CEO. The team has gathered every day for two weeks and evaluated the research data based on business necessity. The A team which also made project specific field interviews, determined 3 main strategic development fields and created a roadmap accordingly. 


For the first time in its history, A101 has developed a project with its clients and stakeholders. The projects related to the three main strategic fields are still being applied.

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